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by: Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed
RM 170.00

The ‘Malaysian Legal System’ traces the various sources of the law in Malaysia which led to the primacy of the common law tradition in our legal system. With extensive coverage of all aspects of the legal system, the book discusses the pertinent issues on the sources, administration and enforcement of the system in detail. Written primarily for students, this book is also useful for readers who wish to have a better understanding of our legal system.

Stay of Court Proceedings and Anti-Suit Injunctions
by: Arun Kasi
RM 130.00

Litigation pertaining to arbitration can occur in three stages – pre-arbitration, during arbitration and post-arbitration. This book provides a thorough discussion on the pre-arbitration reliefs, focusing on stay of court proceedings when an action is instituted in breach of an arbitration agreement and anti-suit injunctions when an action is instituted or threatened to be instituted in a foreign court in breach of an RM130 arbitration agreement.

Incorporating relevant Registrar’s Circulars
by: CLJ Publication
RM 210.00

CLJ’s “Practice Directions 1993 – 2013” is a comprehensive collection of the most relevant Practice Notes, Practice Directions and Registrar’s Circulars issued by the superior courts in Malaysia. It contains essential directives and guidelines for practitioners and provides a road-map through the many changes that the courts have implemented over the course of 20 years. Published in a convenient format, this book is a must-have for all practitioners and officers of the court who work closely with the courts in the administration of justice.

by: CLJ Publication
RM 190.00

The enhancement of the Labuan International Business Financial Centre (LIBFC) legislative framework in 2010 introduced several new Acts and brought about fundamental changes to the way Labuan financial activities are governed. This first-of-its-kind compilation of Labuan Acts and Regulations provides an updated one-stop comprehensive resource on the governing Labuan laws. It is the perfect companion for all companies, lawyers, trust agents or anyone with an interest in business activities in the LIBFC.

Incorporating Selected Decisions Of The Malaysian Courts Since 1990
by: Wan Sharif Ahmaf
RM 216.00

Deciphering the Dynamics of Sentencing Decisions

CLJ’s Digest of Sentencing Decisions leads the market in providing an accurate, comprehensive and dependable compendium of sentencing decisions, addressing the entire spectrum of criminal sentencing of more than two decades.

The all-encompassing case narratives advert not only to the issues in dispute and substantive findings of the courts, but also to every other material details such as trial number, citation, relevant statutes, brief facts of case as well as ratio of sentence – all succinctly summarised with clarity and precision. The work is enhanced with editorial noter-up which provides short yet highly informative narrations, identifying potential aggravating and mitigating factors.

This inaugural volume is a unique combination of comprehensive and thoughtful analysis and will serve as a definitive reference guide and essential research tool - indeed a Vade Mecum – for legal practitioners, members of the Judicial and Legal Service and Criminal Law students and teachers.

(Updated as at 31 Dec 2013)
by: CLJ Publication
RM 28.00

From time to time, the Bar Council, to address prevailing circumstances or in response to enquiries made by Advocates and Solicitors or members of the public, issues Rulings to regulate matters concerning legal practice, and professional conduct and etiquette of Advocates and Solicitors. The Rulings serve as a guide in maintaining the decorum of the long-respected and honoured profession.

The Rules and Rulings of the Bar Council Malaysia are revised and brought up to date from time to time. This updated version is intended to provide Members of the Bar with a quick point of reference and includes new Rulings issued in recent years.

Together with the Legal Profession (Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978 and the Legal Profession (Publicity) Rules 2001, this compilation should serve as an indispensable guide to Members of the Bar as well as pupils in chambers.

A Practical Guide To The Laws Of Faraid (2nd Edition)
by: Wan Noraini Mohd Salim
RM 99.00

The second edition of “Islamic Law of Succession, A Practical Guide to the Laws of Faraid” provides readers with an updated and more in-depth discussion on the essential rules, principles and actual distribution of an estate based on the portions prescribed in the divine sources of Islamic law. While retaining the original work, this edition includes new information on hibah and the method of distribution in cases of multiple deaths.

As with its predecessor, the book also provides abundant examples on the calculation of shares and portions each of the heirs are entitled to in different circumstances. Those who enjoy mathematical challenges may attempt all the exercises in Appendix 2 of the book. A table of portions is provided as a quick reference.

This book will be a precious source of reference and be immensely beneficial for students, legal practitioners, financial planners, judicial officers, academicians and everyone interested in the subject.

by: Cyrus Das (Editor)
RM 130.00

This is an informative book on contemporary labour law. It carries a comprehensive discussion on pertinent and current issues in Malaysian labour law. The discussion is undertaken by experts in the field of management and labour, prominent lawyers and highly professional academia. A wide range of subjects are discussed relating to organised labour and individual workman. This aside, there is a discussion from the workers’ perspective on the controversial minimum wage and contract labour. The book further covers security of tenure in employment, termination, retrenchment, trade union rights and industrial actions.

All who wish to inform and update themselves on current issues in Malaysian labour law will find a mine of information and a useful companion in this book.

by: Mohammad Hashim Kamali & Sheila Ainon Yussof
RM 140.00

'Islamic Transactions and Finance: Principles and Developments' takes stock of past developments' reviews existing challenges and explores fresh thinking on future prospects. It reflects on issues that the Islamic finance industry has encountered over the years. Divided into three parts: Part One - Shari'ah Foundations; Part Two - Good Governance and Part Three - Issues and New Frontiers, this book, contains 18 chapters on socially responsible economic development and finance. It highlights some of the worrying aspects of industry practices such as replication of conventional products with a thin veneer of Shari'ah and the persistent search for viable alternative models that can ensure financial stability and sound ethical governance.

by: Jurgen Brohmer, Clauspeter Hill & Marc Spitzkatz (Eds.)
RM 610.00

The German Basic Law - the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany - has been in force for more than 60 years now and it is the foundation of democratic statehood in Germany. The Basic Law's central core is the principle of the rule of law as expressed by the broader German concept of the "Rechtsstaatsprinzip". The protection of fundamental individual rights is one important cornerstone of this "Rechtsstaatsprinzip".

by: Maimunah Aminuddin
RM 380.00

This Manual serves as a comprehensive handbook on employment laws for the practice of human resource management. It describes in detail the relevant legislation including the Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012 and provides illustrative examples of the application of these laws.

Topics such as statutory benefits, safety and health, industrial relations, termination and trade union rights are intensively discussed by the author. Additionally, examples of good practices are included for practitioners to implement in their workplace.

by: Nasser Hamid
RM 290.00
This book covers the entire spectrum of the roles and responsibilities of directors. The main emphasis is on decided cases interpreting the Companies Act 1965. Generally, the courts will not interfere with the internal management of a company; therefore this book is intended to provide an avenue into the limit and scope of the Companies Act 1965 and the decisions of directors. The Company Directors & The Law book is also an essential reference and source of advice for all new and existing directors.

by: Nasser Hamid
RM 290.00
Where there is an order for a stay of execution of an order of court, the effect is that the order appealed from is not carried into effect or its execution is suspended with or without any terms or conditions attached to the order staying execution of that earlier order, while the appeal is being determined. The order which has been stayed shall not be operative with effect from the time of the making of the order of stay. The order of court is in effect ‘in abeyance’; it has not been set aside, only that the said order shall not be operative from the time of the making of the order of stay.

by: Nasser Hamid
RM 280.00
These powers to strike out pleadings are necessary to enforce the basic rules of pleadings and to dispose of proceedings which are hopeless, baseless or without foundation of law or in equity or are otherwise an abuse of process of the court. This book is a comprehensive examination of such powers by the courts in striking out pleadings which if granted by the courts culminate in the disposal of such an action or defence. This book is of practical importance not only to practitioners but also to the legal arena as a whole since it examines the requirements of the rules of procedure and the principles applicable to striking out applications against the factual matrix in each particular case.

The Law And Practice In Malaysia
by: Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Farheen Baig Sardar Baig, Muzaffar Syah Mallow & Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan
RM 180.00
This book contains information for the recruitment of foreign workers and the rights of these workers in Malaysia. International instruments and domestic legislations have been discussed at length to highlight the rights and protection accorded to these workers. The Islamic approach on this subject has also been featured in this book. The book is intended to generate awareness on the humane treatment towards foreign workers and the consequence of their exploitation, human trafficking and smuggling of migrants among others.

Understanding The Process 2nd Edition
by: Maimunah Aminuddin
RM 140.00
This book offers tools and techniques which will assist employers to stay safe when taking disciplinary action, conducting retrenchment exercises, removing non-performers and in any situation which leads to the termination of the employee's services.

Cases And Commentary With Applied Syari'ah Principles
by: Dr. Leo Desmond Pointon, Jeong Chun Phuoc
RM 180.00
The law of personal data protection deals with the various issues that arise in the process of protecting the rights of persons in possession of personal data. In the public mind there is often confusion between privacy and personal data. It will be seen from the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 that they are separate issues in the eyes of the law. This book sets out the international personal data protection principles as incorporated by the Malaysian government in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, and introduces a highly innovative and distinctive approach, namely the "Compliance Approach Methodology" for application at both professional and management levels.

Incorporating The 2012 Amendments
by: T. Balasubramaniam
RM 120.00
The Employment Act 1955 spells out the statutory minimum benefits that employers are bound to provide to their employees in the private sector. There are many employees who do not enjoy these statutory minimum benefits out of ignorance of the law, and likewise, there are also employers who do not provide these benefits out of the same ignorance. This book explains the provisions of the Employment Act 1955 in the context of practical examples supplemented with relevant case law.

A Malaysian Focus With A Comparative Perspective
by: Dr. Vanitha Sundra-Karean
RM 120.00
Employment Law and Theory - A Malaysian Focus with a Comparative Perspective is a publication which provides the reader with an overview and general background of employment law in Malaysia. It provides a concise but sophisticated explanation of the major principles influencing employment law and invites the reader to partake in debate and reconsideration of evolving legal principles and concepts. The methodology employed involves the conceptualisation of the employment relationship and an analysis of the rights, duties and obligations of the parties within it. Comparisons are made with other common law jurisdictions to aid discussion.

by: Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Muzaffar Syah Mallow, Farheen Baig Sardar Baig
RM 140.00
This book provides answers to (1) the guidelines for the employee and employer when an incident of sexual harassment occurs or is brought to their attention; (2) the procedure an employer should adopt when sexual harassment cases are referred to it; and (3) the best evidence to be adduced in order to establish the allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, among others. It also discusses the right of employees to invoke the doctrine of constructive dismissal.

Principles, Instruments & Operations
by: Adnan Trakic & Hanifah Haydar Ali Tajuddin
RM 150.00
'Islamic Banking & Finance: Principles, Instruments and Operations' emerges amidst rapid development in the industry. It is a comprehensive guide as it discusses the tenets of Islamic banking and finance in a single book. At present, the concept of ethical banking and finance has become the centre of attention. Many are now critical about the foundation of Islamic banking and finance products and facilities. This is partly due to the fact that disputes have been brought forth before the courts for resolution, and have inevitably opened up thoughts of how 'Islamic' are the products. Carefully divided into parts, it embraces almost all aspects of Islamic banking and finance.

by: Ainul Jaria Binti Maidin
RM 179.00
The book "Malaysian Town and Country Planning - Law and Procedure" by Dr. Ainul Jaria provides critical information for everyone seeking to understand the law relating to sustainable land development and the construction industry in Malaysia. Encapsulated within 15 Chapters, the book beckons the readers to a spirited discourse on the historical evolution of the planning law, the principles applicable in the formulation of planning policies, the decision-making processes of the planning authorities and the processes and procedures for administrative appeals and judicial review.

by: Kamala Bhaie a/p M. G. Pillai
RM 195.00
"Protection of Children" seeks to highlight the essential statutory and regulatory framework that are being provided within the national and foreign jurisdictions to protect children and young people from neglect, abuse, exploitation and other harmful influences. Comprising of 25 chapters, the gamut of discussions undertaken by the author are comprehensive and far-reaching, and includes a practical approach on the workings of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 and the Guardianship of Infants Act 1961.

by: Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan
RM 109.00
This book, consisting of ten chapters, provides succinctly the essential aspects of the 'Use of Force in International Law'. It analyses the history of the UN Charter, its conception and role in today's world. Their member States and the provisions on the concept of the use of force are also scrutinised. The book proceeds to discuss the protection of human rights and the difficulties some States may face in abiding with the rules of international law, whilst at the same time trying to protect the rights of their citizens, which includes protection of women and foreigners.

A Practical Guide To The Laws Of Faraid
by: Dr. Wan Noraini Mohd Salim
RM 99.00
"Islamic Law of Succession, A Practical Guide To The Laws Of Faraid" is a comprehensive guide on the methods of distribution of a Muslim's estate upon death. This most awaited text provides clear explanations on the essential rules and principles as prescribed in the divine sources of Islamic Law. Comprising of eight chapters, the deliberations undertaken by the author are all encompassing and far-reaching. Included are abundant examples of calculation of shares and portions, and entitlements of each of the heir in differing circumstances. These examples serve as guidelines for those dealing with succession matters in Islamic Law.


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